A Refreshing
Managed Services Solution

Riverstrong is a progressive North American managed services provider with a passion for people and doing IT better.

Our mission is to reinvent the IT managed services landscape by providing personalized IT solutions that organizations across industries can trust. We use our expertise and passion for people to simplify our customers’ lives and deliver tangible results — so they can focus on what matters most.

Our Origin Story

Our journey begins with our CEO, Gopi Ramineni, and his passionate drive to revolutionize organizations using the latest technological advancements. In 2008, he founded our parent company, Gerent, which brings the magic of customer relationship management to businesses around the world. Having transformed hundreds of companies over the years, Gopi noticed a common theme: many don’t know where to start. While numerous organizations want to sharpen their competitive edge using state-of-the-art software, they lack the resources required to take their very first steps and use subpar equipment. Many don’t have the basic hardware, systems, computers, and know-how required to keep pace with their industry peers and evolve. As a firm believer in providing customers with a full range of IT services and meeting all of their end-to-end needs, Gopi launched Riverstrong. Since that time, we’ve been busy closing the pervasive IT managed services support gap, and enabling organizations to get to the next level.

Our Workplace

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Our Values

Authentic Relationships

We happily build genuine relationships with our clients. We enjoy assisting them, and it comes through in the way that we serve them. We know our customers on a first-name basis, communicate clearly and openly, and uphold transparency at all times.


We take full accountability of all reported incidents and resolve them from start to finish. We’re the only business our clients need to call, so they can avoid contacting multiple vendors and waiting on hold.

Personalized Solutions

Like people, businesses are unique. We take pride in getting to know our customers, so we can curate the most fitting, high-impact solutions to meet their business needs.

Fruitful Partnerships

We’re fully invested in you. We see ourselves as a part of your team, not just your IT provider. We’re always thinking about how to grow your capabilities and help you thrive — because when you win, so do we.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We take pride in fostering a respectful and inclusive environment that values diversity and equal opportunity. Our team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, which enables us to consider multiple perspectives and hone our creativity.

Caring for Our People

Our people fuel our success, and keeping them happy is woven into the fabric of our being. We sincerely care about our employees, and provide them with extensive support and growth opportunities — so they can bring their best selves to work.


Our dedication to building a greener tomorrow stems from our love for the natural world. We aim to make a lasting, positive impact on our planet by spearheading conservation initiatives we’re passionate about.

Lifelong Learning

We’re lifelong learners in an endless pursuit of new knowledge. We stay ahead of the latest developments to remain on the cutting edge, because that’s where we want you to be, too.

Endless Advancement

Our thirst for big ideas inspires us to explore the latest IT frameworks and consistently elevate our solutions. Implementing innovative changes enables us to gain efficiencies — which we pass on to our customers.

Our Leadership

Gopi Ramineni

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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As an avid technology expert with towering dexterity in management and consulting, Gopi has built an exceptional team that takes managed services to new heights.

He has created a supportive company culture that values teamwork, integrity, quality, and service excellence. Gopi inspires our team to exceed clients’ expectations and truly elevate their technology solutions.

He founded our parent company, Gerent, in 2007 with a drive to disrupt various industries through digital innovation. Gopi is also an expert in the Salesforce platform and has contributed to more than 1,000 transformative Salesforce projects over the last two decades.

In his downtime, he can be found reading, spending time with his family and kids, kicking back with a classic movie, or trying a new local restaurant.

Will Shu

Chief Information Officer
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Will is a 28-year IT industry veteran with a rich technical background in infrastructure engineering. 

He was Head of IT for a variety of companies across an array of industries, and offers 11 years of executive IT experience. Will has held a multitude of technical roles throughout his IT tenure, including Senior Systems Engineer and Microsoft Technical Architect for various management service providers.

When he's not working, Will loves to travel, experience new cultures, work on his house, and spend time with his family and two dogs. Some of his favorite hobbies include cars, motorcycles, woodworking, walking in nature, working with machines, and playing video games (CoD!).

Charlene Stefanazzi

Vice President, Marketing
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Charlene has spent over a decade in marketing working in a variety of industries, from fashion to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) to technology.

She appreciates Gerent for its unmatched agility and the freedom it gives her to innovate, push the envelope, and try new things.

An artist at her core, Charlene is an avid photographer and is also passionate about interior design and decorating. She also loves to travel, and finds it gives her the rest and reset she needs.

Chad Graham

Director of Delivery
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Chad specializes in delivering ground-breaking, complex global IT projects with a demonstrated record of exceeding profitability goals, turning around underperforming units, and increasing market share and revenues.

He has spent the last 25 years in service delivery, where he has led successful operational, process re-engineering, and reorganization initiatives. He builds IT strategies that align with clients’ short- and long-term business goals, increases their profitability, and drive measurable process improvements. 

Adept in global, cross-functional team building, Chad architects creative solutions that motivate employees, improve customer satisfaction scores, and produce tangible results.

Outside of the office, Chad enjoys spending time with his family, camping, traveling, and woodworking. His other hobbies include building his own CNC devices, 3D printers, lasers, and plasma cutters!

Zack Hausrath

Director of Customer Success
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Zack aims to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations and creating lasting relationships.

Throughout his career, Zack has leveraged his expertise to create and execute robust plans for delivering a diverse array of products and services.

He spent the past 9 years developing a deep understanding of his clients’ business problems and orchestrating solutions that produce impressive and targeted results.

In his last role, Zack managed project portfolios for 18 Scrum teams to deliver app development and IT infrastructure projects. He has also worked in online education for 8 years, managing IT product and service delivery across 65+ locations worldwide.

When he isn’t driving customer success, Zack enjoys rock climbing, eating international food, and spending time with his family and cats.

We happily donate 1% of our time and profits to conservation efforts

As lovers of the natural world, we are a proud member of Pledge 1%, along with our parent company, Gerent.

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