Hardware Retail Solutions

Elevate your customer experience by keeping downtime at bay.

Internet connectivity is a non-negotiable business imperative. Our decades of hardware retail expertise empower us to keep retailers online and ensure that their hardware, software, and connectivity devices remain available 24/7.

Exceptional hardware retail support

We understand the unique challenges hardware retailers face. Our decades of experience in the space, coupled with our attentive service enable us to deliver an unmatched solution hardware retailers can rely on.

Superior technology procurement

We're committed to finding the tech solutions most compatible with your needs. We take contract and vendor management off your hands, negotiate the best rates on your behalf, and execute seamless implementations that enhance your operations.

PoS support to keep business moving

When a PoS terminal goes down, a store loses an average of $855 per hour. We quickly get your systems back up and running with this figure in mind. Whether you're dealing with usage issues, software problems, or faulty connectivity — we have you covered.

Run like a well-oiled machine

Underperforming systems can slow down business and frustrate your team. We aim to simplify your employees’ lives, so they can focus on delivering top tier service. Riverstrong will optimize the networking of your entire store to unlock its full potential.

What is the Cost of Downtime?

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