Feynman Transitions Services & Customers to Riverstrong

HERNDON, VA, July 01, 2022 — Feynman Group has transitioned its customers and technology services to Riverstrong in order to build a customer-centric IT services powerhouse. The transaction was completed on July 1, 2022.

The combined team’s complementary values present a substantial opportunity for remarkable synergy. Many Feynman employees have joined the Riverstrong team, thereby expanding its portfolio of dedicated experts — so clients can enjoy an unsurpassed level of service.

Strategic Rationale

Feynman Group sought to expand its team in order to sustain its growing customer base, which proved to be a challenge for the company. To provide top-tier service solutions, it required a larger pool of talent and resources. After careful consideration, Feynman felt a transition of customers and services would be in its best interest.

Riverstrong, a fellow US-based managed IT services provider, was looking to scale and add like-minded specialists to its team. When Feynman executives met with Riverstrong, they felt its company culture, level of expertise, and commitment to the community positioned it as the foremost choice for the transition.

Will Shu, Chief Information Officer at Riverstrong, outlines what the transition will mean for Riverstrong’s expansion:

“By inheriting Feynman's employees and services, we're creating a strong platform for growth. This transition means Riverstrong can ease its scale and relevance within Oregon and across the wider United States region. We have great respect for the Feynman business and its employees, and we look forward to working with them.”

An Unmatched Service Solution

The combined team of IT specialists will pave the way for more innovative, nuanced, and personalized IT solutions. Local Oregon employees will remain in place to support the surrounding community — with greater capacity. Riverstrong’s regional expansion will also unlock access to wider talent pools and the industry's brightest minds.

Alex Pope, Service Manager at Feynman Group, provides his own insight into the transfer, “Our team is thrilled to be joining Riverstrong. Its company vision complements ours, and its dynamic team works very well with our employees. We're excited to deliver an outstanding service solution to businesses in our local community and beyond.”

A Wealth of Combined Resources

Riverstrong has access to the tech industry’s best consultants, strategists, and analysts. Now, Feynman customers can benefit from digital transformations that enable them to prosper in an increasingly digitized landscape.   

As part of the Gerent family of companies, Riverstrong offers an elevated level of personalized technology consulting and holistic guidance — which enables businesses to meet wider objectives and fine-tune their strategies.

Gopi Ramineni, Chief Executive Officer at Riverstrong, outlines the opportunities that lie ahead:

“We are delighted about the unique opportunities this transition will present for our customers, employees, and business partners. Together, our fusion of experts will deliver a quality service solution everyone can be proud of. We also look forward to offering an extended array of tech-based offerings — while consistently providing attentive, professional, and reliable IT services” 

Management and Governance 

Riverstrong executives will remain in their current positions, including: Gopi Ramineni, Chief Executive Officer; Will Shu, Chief Information Officer; Chad Graham, Director of Delivery; and Zack Hausrath, Director of Customer Success. Alex Pope, former Service Manager at Feynman Group, will hold the same title at Riverstrong. The former President of Feynman Group, Scotty McConnell, will continue to pursue other ventures with Orgill. 


The expanded Riverstrong team looks forward to deepening its new customer relationships, spearheading community initiatives in the Oregon area, and providing a refreshing IT services solution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

About Riverstrong

Riverstrong is a progressive American managed services provider with a passion for people and doing IT better. Its mission is to reinvent the IT managed services landscape by providing personalized solutions that organizations across industries can trust.

Riverstrong deeply values building lasting relationships with customers, providing personalized and reliable service solutions, and giving back to the community. As part of the Gerent family of companies, Riverstrong uses its innovative mindset to simplify its customers’ lives, enhance their operations, and facilitate measurable business gains.

Forward-Looking Statements

With the exception of historical information contained herein, some of the matters discussed in this press release qualify as “forward-looking statements''. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release include, but are not limited to: expectations pertaining to the transition of customers and services from Feynman Group to Riverstrong — including the expected benefits to customers; Riverstrong’s expected regional expansion; synergies between Riverstrong, Gerent, and Feynman employees; and operational enhancements.

In some cases, forward-looking statements can be identified by the following terminology: “will,” “look forward,” “anticipate,” “expect,” “predict,” “intend,” “future”, “potential,” “seek to,” “believe,” “deliver,” “provide,” “create,” “result,” “unlock,” “would,” and "excited," as well as related terms and the negative of such terms, actions, and plans. 

These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks, including, but not limited to political and economic events; foreign exchange rates and inflation; market competition; manmade and natural disasters; wars and conflicts; public health pandemics; other public health crises; and operational risks.

These statements are based on assumptions that Riverstrong leaders have made as at the date of this press release and there can be no guarantee that operational performance, expectations, and assumptions will prove to be accurate.


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